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Singer NSK Ramya's first statement post Bigg Boss eviction

Popular singer NSK Ramya was evicted from the Bigg Boss house, last Sunday, on July 22. She took to her Twitter space to register her first official statement post her exit from the show.

"My heartiest thanks to everyone who have supported me. While being inside the Bigg Boss house, I did not know I had this huge support online. I have always wanted to be calm and patient wherever I go, and that was the case in Bigg Boss too. However, in one or two situations, I got pissed and angry.

Still, you all accepted me for what I am. Thank you so much for that. I received loads of messages from various corners of the world. Many of them felt bad that I got evicted from Bigg Boss, but actually, I am very happy. I couldn't have survived in that house, after this, because there was so much 
jealousy, hatred, and ego inside the house. I couldn't have managed it.

You guys see only one hour of the program, but we spend 24 hours inside that house only, and one problem or other keeps popping up. So, you guys have to feel happy for me. Thank you so much once again.
", said Ramya.

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