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Sid Sriram and Anil Srinivasan concert details

Seekers: A Collaborative Classical Exploration’ – Chennai – September 9th

What happens when the singing sensation meets the piano man? Seekers is a show curated by Sid Sriram & Anil Srinivasan exclusively for Brahma Gana Sabha. Brahma Gana Sabha has produced yet another different show where classical music is explored and portrayed through various interpretations.

Anil Srinivasan is a renowned pianist who has melted many hearts with his soulful performances. Sid Sriram has become the voice of this generation, bringing together and traversing different genres. The premiere version of this show was held on new year's eve [31st December 2017].

The event was a massive success. Seekers will be an exhilarating experience, focusing on collaboration, spontaneity, and the boundlessness of music. The percussive element will be brought to life by genius musicians, J. Vaidhyanathan on mridangam and Dr. S Karthick on ghatam. The artists will use classical music as their framework and venture into other creative spaces.

The organisers recently released a video in which Sid Sriram and Anil Srinivasan are seen performing the viral hit ‘Inkem Inkem Kavale’. After seeing this video, the fans are expecting a couple of cinema songs in the run order too!

If you’re in Chennai and if you want to witness a show completely different from the ones which you already have, then book your tickets here: