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Sibiraj refuses to act in a liplock scene with Remya Nambeesan

Actor Sibiraj’s next film with director Pradeep Krishnamoorthy is titled as Sathya. It has Remya Nambeesan playing the female lead and is the remake of the Telugu film Kshanam. Sathya has music by Simon of 555 fame. While addressing the press and media, Pradeep shared about how the movie is coming about and his experience with Sibiraj:

I am really happy with the way Sathya has been developing. In fact, even during the Vardah cyclone we shot in Ambattur, inspite of a persistent turbulent weather condition. Sathya is a properly packed action entertainer just like Kshanam. Usually, in crime thrillers, the crimes will be shown from a policeman’s point of view. But in Sibiraj’s Sathya, we will show the crime from a common man’s point of view. I must say I haven’t seen the producer in Sibiraj yet and the actor in him overshadows that.

However, I have a small disappointment with Sibiraj. A scene demanded a liplock with Remya Nambeesan. But Sibiraj refused to act in it. The reason he quoted 
was that, it would not be nice when his son watches the film in theatres. We are excited about Sathya and we hope to target June end for a release.

Sibiraj refuses to act in a liplock scene with Remya Nambeesan

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