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Shankar tweets about 2 Point 0's feedback

Director Shankar who made his debut 25 years back has received numerous accolades for his rich and innovative film-making. It takes something special to be in the top of the game in an industry like Tamil film industry for so long.


Shankar's films typically deal with contemporary social issues and vigilante themes. He is one of the most innovative film directors of India, particularly known for extensive use of visual effects, prosthetic makeup, and state-of-art technology in his movies and choreographed songs.


He took a big leap with his recently released 2.0 which is considered to be the most expensive Indian film to ever been made. The film has opened to some favorable reviews and now Shankar has thanked the audience who have enjoyed the experience. 


Shankar's tweet - "My heart full thanks to the audience who have lapped up #2point0 and celebrated and made it a huge success, and to all the media who supported and respected the hard work of our team, and to my whole team who have given a piece of their life to 2.0.