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Shah Rukh Khan on the rumours about his 3rd child AbRam

Bollywood badshah Shah Rukh Khan broached upon the subject of his third son AbRam in a recent Ted Talks show. Apparently, there were rumors that AbRam is the love child of his eldest son Aryan and not of Shah Rukh Khan.


In his characteristic style, Shah Rukh said, “Four years ago, my lovely wife Gauri and me decided to have a third child. It was claimed on the net that he was the love child of our first child who was 15 years old. Apparently, he had sown his wild oats with a girl while driving his car in Romania. And yeah, there was a fake video to go with it. And we were so disturbed as a family. My son who is 19 now, even when you say hello to him, he turns around and says, ‘But bro, I didn’t even have a European driving license.”


The actor also touched upon a wild variety of subjects in his talk ranging from humanity, fame and love and impressed his audience with his trademark swag. Shah Rukh's Ted Talks have been appreciated by celebs in Twitter too. 

Shah Rukh Khan on the rumours about his 3rd child AbRam

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