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Shaan Rahman reveals why Jimikki Kammal was taken down

Remember Jimikki Kammal, the song that went viral all over the world last year? The song has been taken down on YouTube due to copyright issues. The composer Shaan Rahman took to Facebook to clarify on this issue.

He said: "Dear friends, everyone has been asking me to comment about the disappearance of the video of Jimikki Kammal. It was close to 80 millions views. Or may be above. Not sure. By now you’ve all must’ve understood that it was taken down because of a copyright issue. The channel who bought the rights of the movie took it down. So here’s my statement...

Jimikki Kammal, if it was still there right now, would’ve been the highest viewed Malayalam song or video in the history of Malayalam Cinema or Malayalam Entertainment. And if people who sold it/bought it and who’re part of the same Industry, saw it as just part of a “business deal” to take down the song which had received world wide love and appreciation, then might as well let it happen. It wasn’t about numbers anyway. Maanikya Malaraaya Poovi is there at 74 million and it’s moving faster than Jimikki. It’ll reach Jimikki’s 80 Mil in no time. That’s not the issue here. Just that Jimikki Kammal was a proud product of a Malayalee that the world danced to. The world celebrated to a Malayalam song. The whole of India danced to a Malayalam song. And if Malayalees themselves don’t understand the value of it and saw it just as another video to sell/buy, then ..I don’t know... Anyways, Jimikki Kammal had an amazing run and it’ll remain close to me and all of us. You can only take the video off Youtube. Not from beating hearts.

That’s my statement dear friends. Love you all"

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