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Actor Santhanam was last seen in the horror comedy sequel Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 and his upcoming film is 'A1', directed by Naalaiya Iyakkunar season 2 title winner Johnson who debuts in this film. The film also debuts Tara Alisa Berry as the leading lady.

Santhanam, Santhosh Narayanan 'A1' press meet speech

The film is produced by Raj Narayanan and features Santhosh Narayanan's music. On the technical front, Gopi Jagadeeswaran is the DOP and the film and the editing is handled by Leo John Paul. The film is said to be a comedy love story between a local boy and a Bhramin girl (as said in the teaser).

Two teasers from the film has been released and each of them looked equally hilarious and received very good support from Santhanam's fans. The film is slated for release on July 26th.

The press meet for the film happened yesterday (23rd July) where Santhanam talked with the press. During his speech, he stated that "I have a good stand in films because of my team. Johnson (director) was part of my team for few years and he has turned a director now and I am very happy that he has done a great job". He added "Santhosh Narayanan has did an amazing job. The theme musics for me, Rajendran and the heroine are so different and apt".

"Releasing films are getting tougher nowadays. People say things like IPL is coming or Avengers is coming and advice not to release the film, even with all those barriers, I thank the producers for doing this film."

One of the press members asked about a scene in the teaser where the lead actress was asked to eat an omelet to prove her love and Santhanam replied "The script is about a local boy and Bhramin girl and the comedy must be derived from that. The film will not hurt anybody's feelings. Comedy shouldn't have too many restrictions, if it does, then maybe I should only come to theater and tickle the audience to make them laugh" he joked.  "I apologized for the first-look of Dagaalty because people said it promoted smoking, but if there is too many restrictions for everything, there can be no creative freedom" added Santhanam. Watch the full video of the A1 press meet here:


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