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R.K.Selvamani's statement on Sarkar controversy

Vijay's Sarkar is the talk of the town right now, as the film is facing external pressures from politicians, who are protesting against the film.  Reacting to the entire controversy, popular director and FEFSI President, R.K.Selvamani, has issued an official statement on behalf of the association.

The statement reads,"The scenes outside the theatres are worrying to see. The film does not attack any political party or a person in particular and it is a very generic portrayal of the current politics. This is a creative freedom of a filmmaker. The film criticises a Government, in general, and no party is intentionally attacked.

If you ask me, I'd say that the Government should help its citizens and people to learn fishing, rather than providing the fish directly, without any work. Freebies make them lazy and it is not right. We, as an association, request the Government, and AIADMK party members to take this issue in the right spirit, as the film doesn't attack on any particular person or a party. It was a fictional work that criticises a Government's practice of providing freebies. I have also made many films that had political references, and 'Makkal Aatchi' would be one important film in that list.

Makkal Aatchi strongly criticised J Jayalalitha, who was in power, during the time of the film's release. I had many references that criticised her and the Government. Few years after the film's release, me and my wife, Roja, met Jayalalitha at Poes Garden. I was very doubtful to meet her since I thought she might be angry for my criticisation in the film. However, when we met, she (Jayalalitha) showed no signs of that and showered us with great hospitality. She never brought that topic into this meeting. I wish and request the current ruling party, to follow the footsteps of their leader, Amma.

At the same time, if any director aspires to make a political film in the future, they can take care, in making sure that no political party or person is particularly attacked. By doing that, we can solve and cut down the problems that could occur. This is my humble request to the filmmakers."