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Ramesh Pisharody says he got in trouble because of talking about Mohanlal's house

Ramesh Pisharody aka Pisharody is a very popular anchor/actor/mimicry artist/stand-up comedian in Kerala. He has acted in popular films like Left Right Left, Amar Akbar Anthony, and Charlie. He hosts the show Badai Bungalow which also feature actors Mukesh and Dharmajan Bolgatty.

Recently Pisharody said that talking about Mohanlal's home in an interview got him into trouble. To the question 'Which is the best house you've seen in your life?' Pisharody replied that once he had visited Mohanlal's home in Chennai and that it is the most beautiful house he has ever seen. Later in the interview, when asked about his wishes, Pisharody said that he would like to build a house and shift to there from his apartment. To his astonishment, Pisharody found out later that the headline of his interview said that he wants to build a house matching the grandeur of Mohanlal's house.

Pisharody said that people reacted to this by telling him not to compare himself with Mohanlal. The misinterpretation led to many demotivating messages from people all around the world, but Pisharody took everything in the right spirit. He jokingly said that "Now that I've talked about it again, the next headline will be 'Pisharody again mentions Mohanlal's house'... it might stir up another controversy"

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Ramesh Pisharody says he got in trouble because of talking about Mohanlal's house

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