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The recent buzz in the tinseltown is regarding a new movie that has roped in Ramar and Sanjana Galrani. The film is to be directed by Debutant director Mani Ram. More details about the movie are here.

Ramar and Sanjana Galrani's movie is officially confirmed

The project is jointly produced by Super Talkies and Avatar Productions. Super Talkies hold a few films next in line, with directors Manikandan, one with Balu Sharma and another with Darbuka Siva.

This movie with Ramar and Sanjana Galrani is Director Mani Ram's debut movie. The director was a finalist in Kalaignar TV's show 'Nalaiya Iyakkunar'. The film is based on the different facades we put on in our day to day lives and the comical exploration of the same. The music is composeed by Vishnu Vijay and the camera is wielded by Jabez Ganesh.

The film was recently inaugrated by WI Cricketer Alvin Kalicharan. The makers are fixing the crew members, and the film is supposed to start shooting from October.

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