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Ram Gopal Varma, of late, has been running into controversies with his irreverent comments on social media, this time on women's assets.


Ram Gopal Varma makes sexist comment about women's assets


This hasn't gone down well with a section of the audience, who remarked:

@Rakesh41991312 Such a cheap thought can only cross the minds of corrupt individuals from Bollywood as they appear to have been issued a permanent license for freedom of speech. It's really shameful of him to put such a derogatory tweet on SM. He had lowered the dignity of his mother this day !!

@vishkanyaaaa You are Earning, i.e surviving By showing Someone's 'jewellery' in your movies. Height of objectification.. so proud your mum must be right now!!

@choco_lover95 well it's called breast,a body part of females used to feed the infants...even you would have fed on it during infancy...what's there to hype it??

@TheDrSammy He is totally weird. The women who work in his production company say he is a great guy, respects women and all that stuff. But here on social media and in interviews, he likes to sensationalize things. SUCH AN ATTENTION SEEKER

Some time back, he had commented about women queuing up to buy booze in Karnataka after some restrictions were lifted amidst the ongoing lockdown owing to the pandemic coronavirus.

Tweeting a picture of women waiting outside a liquor shop for their turn, RGV commented, "Look who’s in line at the wine shops ..So much for protecting women against drunk men."

This obviously didn't go down well with a few people who shot back with:

@prajwalmanipal 1. You tweet a pic I clicked and 2. your tweet is twisted and sexist. If you were there, you would see that there were hardly a dozen women standing while there were hundreds of men in a serpentine queue. The police official on duty said a separate line was made to protect women.

@LouvinaA So what if women drink? Everyone does enjoy a beer or a drink occasionally. Cheers.

@RajeevS90915029 This is a matter of personal choice of every individual. No one have the right to interfere

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