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Nadigar Sangam elections has enthralled everyone attention recently, the association is currently headed by actor Nasser's Pandavar Ani.  It was earlier announced that the elections won’t be happening on the said date, however, it had been recently learnt that the High Court of Madras has ordered the Nadigar Sangam to go ahead with the elections.  The elections for the next term is set to happen today (23rd June).

Rajinikanth's statement on Nadigar Sangam elections participation

The elections will take place at is set to be held this Sunday (June 23) at St.Ebas Higher Secondary School in Mylapore. It is the same place where the Nadigar Sangam elections were held in 2015.

One of the recent update on the elections is that Thalaiavr Rajinikanth will not be casting his vote for this year's election as he is currently in shooting in Mumbai. Apparently, he received his postal vote later than expected and hence, this misfortune. Rajinikanth shared this information through his twitter account.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Nadigar Sangam elections happening today.