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Rajinikanth's speech at Chandra Hasan's memorial meet

This morning, Kamal Haasan's late elder brother, Chandra Hasan's memorial meet took place at the Kamaraj Arangam, Chennai. Prominent celebrities like Rajinikanth, KS Ravikumar, Vishal, Nasser, Prakash Raj, Sathyaraj and a few others had attended the meet.

Everybody paid their condolences to Chandra Hasan in speeches. When Rajinikanth, a close friend of Kamal and his family spoke at the event, he said, ''I've heard a lot about Chandra Hasan. To be honest, in this economy, financially, if we compare my friend Kamal to the actors of this generation, he doesn't keep as much money and he doesn't care about it. If he has any money left with him, Chandra Hasan is the reason for the same. I haven't seen a short-tempered person like Kamal. You have all seen just 10 percent of his anger, I've seen 100%. That's why I always am careful with him. Charu anna controls Kamal in a sweet way, and Chandra anna takes care of Kamal's anger in a strict way. Now I don't know how he is going to handle himself. For Kamal, Balanchander sir, Ananthu, Charu Hasan Anna and Chandra Hasan Anna are his lifelines. Now, three out of them are no more, and I'm worried as to how Kamal is going to handle it. But we are there for you Kamal. May Chandra Hasan's soul rest in peace.''

Rajinikanth's speech at Chandra Hasan's memorial meet

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