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Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced Janata Curfew, which is being followed today. PM Modi appealed all the citizens of India to stay indoors from 7 AM till 9 PM on March 22 to reduce the risk of spreading the deadly virus, and many film celebrities had come forward to spread awareness regarding the same yesterday.

Rajinikanth latest tweet in response to his video removed by Twitter - Twitter India shares reply

Similarly, Actor Rajinikanth had also shared a video, in which he had talked about the Corona Virus and its alarming attack on humans. But this  the video was removed by Twitter India, as the tweet's content was against the policy guidelines of the microblogging site.

Now, Rajinikanth has posted a recent tweet in response to the same. He has mentioned: " In the video which I had uploaded yesterday, I had mentioned that if for 12-14 hours people isolate themselves, the spreading of corona virus will be curtailed and the situation can be curbed from moving to stage three. This has been misunderstood in the way that I had said this only with reference to today, and hence Twitter had taken down the video!"

"In order for the situation to be under control, Isolation has to be carried out till the duration ordered by the government, and the same has to be carefully followed and we shall be sincere in our efforts for overcoming this corona virus pandemic. In this case, I also like to extend my thanks to all those who understood the exact meaning of my video and shared them in the right sense!"

In response to this Twitter India have also retweeted Rajinikanth's tweet with their response: "Thanks Thalaiva for joining with us in sharing accurate details about COVID-19!" 

Check the tweets here!


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