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Raghava Lawrence is currently directing the Hindi remake of Kanchana with Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani, and others. He recently had a successful outing with Kanchana 3 in Tamil and Telugu which was received well by both family audiences and Kanchana fans.

Raghava Lawrence to campaign against abandoning senior citizens

Beyond movies, Raghava Lawrence is often known for his social service and philanthropy works. He has also time and again showed his love towards his mother in every opportunity he gets. Now, dance master Raghava Lawrence is coming up with something noble that every family should know about.

He is all set to create awareness among families about people abandoning their aged parents. He says "It is merely a sin to leave parents at the old age home and abandon them at their old age and is all set to make sure no elderly parent goes unnoticed or is left without proper care. An incident that happened 3 years before where an old lady who was mentally stable came to me and asked why I left her, and immediately she moved on to the person next to me and questioned him the same. It was so paining when a mother is left unattended by her son and this incident kept me bothering all these days and now I have decided to start a campaign and hopefully, if this can bring a small change, that is welcome"

He will be actively campaigning about this awareness across all cities of Tamilnadu to not abandon senior citizens. On the event of Mothers’ Day, Raghava Lawrence is all set to initiate the work for all these under his new initiative, ‘Thaai’ awareness program which will be fully functional in creating awareness to people in taking care of their elderly parents.

He is also releasing a video that will talk about his mission, dream, and plans with Thaai awareness program. The video will also have a song that will talk about the importance of this cause. Soon, Raghava Lawrence has also planned to release his dance video for the very same song.