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Pyramid Saimira files case against Kamal Haasan Vishwaroopam 2

Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam 2 is making its way to the theatres, which will be releasing on August 10. However, the film has now faced a minor setback, as the popular production house, Pyramid Saimira has filed a case at the Madras High Court to stop the release of the said film. The production house has asked Kamal Haasan to settle back the money, that the actor took for filming Marmayogi, which didn't progress after shooting for a few days.

Here is the official notice issued by Pyramid Saimira:


(Ordinary Original Civil Jurisdiction)

O.A.No. 744 OF 2018

C.S.No. 452 OF 2016

Pyramid Saimira Productions International Ltd,
Rep. by Its Director K.S.Srinivasan,
Chettinadu Towers,
Rani Seethai Hall Buildings, 6th Floor,
No.606, Anna Salai, Nandanam,
Chennai—600 035.


.. Applicant/Plaintiff


1. Kamal Hassan

New No.4, Old No.172,

Eldams Road,

Alwarpet, Chennai — 600 018.

.. Respondent/Defendant

2. Aascar Films Pvt. Ltd.,

Rep. by its Director Mr. Ravichandran,

No.9, 10th Avenue,

Ashok Nagar, Chennai 600 083.

3. M/s. Gemini FX

Rep. By Its Manager (Lab-incharge).

Vembuliamman Kovil Street,

Virugambakkam, Chennai-600 092.



No.42, Ranga Road,
Mylapore, Chennai- 600 004

5. UFO

No.178/3 & 4, J.B. Towers,
Kumaran Colony Main Road,

Vadapalani, Chennai-600 093


6. M/s. Prasad Xtreme Digital,

Rep. By Its Manager (Lab-Incharge).

Arunachalam Road,

Saligarmam, Chennai-600 093    ...Respondents/Garnishees


I, P.S.Swaminathan, Son of Subramanian, Hindu, aged about 51 years and residing at No. 6A, 5th Block, Rani Meyyammai Towers, R.A.Puram, Chennai- 600 028, do hereby solemnly affirm and sincerely state as follows:-

1. I am the Director of the Applicant/Plaintiff Company.

2. I submit that we have filed the above suit against the Respondent/Defendant herein for the recovery of a sum of  Rs.5,44.00,000/- (Rupees Five Crores Forty Four Lakhs only) together with further interest and costs and I crave leave of this Hon’ble Court to treat the averments contained in the Plaint as part and parcel of this Affidavit for better appreciation of the case.

3. I submit that long back in the year 2008 we have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) dated 02.04.2008 with M/s. Rajkarnal Films International of which the Respondent/Defendant herein is one of the partners along with his brother Late Mr. Chandra Hassan in respect of a joint venture production of the picture titled “MARMAYOGI” in Tamil and Hindi languages at a mega budget of 100 Crores and only believing that the Respondent/Defendant who is a leading actor in the cine field we agreed to for the said mega project and ventured to invest in Crores. I submit that the Respondent/Defendant also agreed to act in the lead role besides directing the said picture and writing the story, screenplay and dialogues. I submit that since the picture had to be produced in Hindi language also he undertook to book leading Artistes like Amitabh Bachan, Hema Malini, Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra etc.. including leading technicians in both languages.

4. I further submit that in pursuance of the aforesaid MOU we released payments to the tune of Rs.6,90,00,000/- [Rupees Six Crores Ninety Lakhs Only) for the production of the picture and simultaneously paid Rs.4.00,00,000/- (Rupees Four Crores Only) towards the remuneration of the Respondent/ Defendant for Acting, Directing and writing the Story, Screenplay, and Dialogue etc, and thus making a total of Rs.10,90,00,000/- {Rupees Ten Crores Ninety Lakhs Only] towards
remuneration that which had been admitted by the Respondent/Defendant himself vide his confirmation letters dated 25.09.2008.

5. I also further submit that it is rather unfortunate that in spite of receipt of a sum of Rs.6,90,00,000/- [Rupees Six Crore Ninety Lakhs Only] towards advance for production expenses and a sum of Rs.4,00,00,000/- (Rupees Four Crores Only) towards his remuneration as above stated, the Respondent/Defendant did not evince any Interest in even commending the production of the said picture titled "MARMAYOGI” but at the same time attempted to release another picture titled “UNNAIPOL ORUVAN” by diverting the funds received from us in that project and as such we filed C.S.No.821/2011 for the recovery of the said sum of Rs.6,90,00,000/- given for the production of the picture against M/s. Rajkamal Films International Mr.Chandra Hassan and the Respondent/Defendant herein and said suit is now under trial and in the part-heard stage and in the meanwhile the 2nd Respondent’s/2nd Defendant’s brother and partner of M/s. Raikamal Films International died and now
the Respondent/Defendant is continuing the said M/s. Rajkamal Films International by 
himseIf. I submit that the Respondent/Defendant had furnished Bank Guarantee for 50% of the suit claim in the said suit as a condition for releasing the said picture.

6. I submit that now in the present suit we have claimed a sum of Rs 5,44,00,000/-  together with further interest and costs being the advance remuneration that which is refundable to us since the Respondent/Defendant had totally failed and neglected to render any services either as the story, Screenplay, Director, Writer or Director or Actor and admittedly even the shooting of the picture titled "MARMAYOGI" had not commenced at all.

7. I submit that on enquires I am given to understand that the Respondent/Defendant is heavily indebted to various creditors he having borrowed huge amounts invariably from various persons to meet the production expenses of his forthcoming picture titled “VISHWAROOPAM II” (Tamil-Colour) and since he is not able to repay any of the creditors is planning to release the picture through the 2nd Respondent/Garnishee herein so as to defeat, delay and defraud his creditors including ourselves.

8. l submit that if the Respondent/Defendant succeeds in his attempts in releasing the picture through the 2nd Respondent/Garnishee or through anybody else we will be left without any security whatsoever to answer our huge suit claim that which works out to about Rs.7,75,00,000/- (Rupees Seven CroreSeventy Five Lakhs Only) as on date together with further interest.

9. I am advised to submit that the Respondent/Defendant is clandestinely attempting to release the picture titled “VISHWAROOPAM ll” (Tamil, Telugu [Dubbed] & Hindi -Colour) through the 2nd Respondent/Garnishee, by Digital means through the Respondents 3 to 6 / Garnishees 3 to 6 by alienating and disposing of the rights of the release of the picture titled "VISHWAROOPAM II” (Tamil, Telugu [Dubbed] & Hindi -Colour) with a view to defraud his creditors it has become just and necessary to file the present applications to safeguard out legitimate suit claim and if an Order of injunction is not granted restraining the Respondent/Defendant from alienating, releasing, exhibiting, distributing the picture titled “VISHWAROOPAM ll” (Tamil, Telugu (Dubbed)& Hindi -Colour) either through the Respondents 2 to 6/Garnishees 2 to 6 or in any other manner whatsoever we will be put to irreparable loss and injury and since our chances of recovery of the huge dues will be obfuscated and the decree that may be passed in the above suit will remain only as a paper decree. I submit that as above stated since we are left without any other security worth mentioning to answer our suit claim since the Respondent/Defendant is not owning or possessing any other property to our knowledge, we have also prayed for attachment before judgment of the picture titled “VISHWAROOPAM II” (Tamil, Telugu [Dubbed] & Hindi - Colour) by way of prohibitory order prohibiting them from in any manner parting with or releasing the picture titled "VISHWAROOPAM II" pending disposal of
the above suit.

10. I submit that we have got prima facie case and balance of convenience is also our favour. Hence in the interest of justice, the prayers may be granted. Therefore I pray that this Hon’ble Court may be pleased to:-

1) Grant Interim Injunction restraining the Respondent/Defendant, his men, agents, servants, distributors or anybody claim through or under them from in any manner alienating, releasing, distributing, exhibiting or exploiting the picture titled "VISHWAROOPAM II" anywhere in the World either through the Respondents 2 to 6/Garnishees 2 to 6 or in any other manner whatsoever pending disposal of the above suit and

2) Order Attachment before judgment by Issue of a Pro-Order prohibiting the Respondents 2 to 6/Garnishees 2 to 6 from in any manner parting with or releasing the picture titled ‘WISHWAROOPAM ll” to the Respondent/Defendant or anybody claiming through or under him for release/exploitation pending disposal of the above suit and thus render justice.

Solemnly affirmed at Chennai
Before Me,
on this the day of Aug’ 2018
and Signed his name in my presence

Advocate, Chennai."

The case came for the hearing this morning (August 3), and Kamal Haasan's legal team had requested for some time to answer back. As a result, the Judge adjourned the case to August 6. Post the hearing on August 6, Vishwaroopam 2's release will be assured. Stay tuned for more updates.