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Prithviraj Sukumaran, is one of the top stars of Malayalam Film Industry. He has also ventured into Kollywood, Bollywood, and marked his presence with his explicit acting and style. He debuted as a Director with the 2019 Blockbuster hit - Lucifer.

Prithviraj viral statement on Illuminati presence in the world Lucifer Empuran

Lucifer features Mohanlal as the lead character and Manju Warrier had a similar crucial lead role, but played the sister of Mohanlal (supposedly) in the movie. Vivek Oberoi, Tovino Thomas had important roles and the director Prithviraj too played a cameo role in this star-studded project. Recently, a fan had tweeted his views on the project, saying though the secret cult Illuminati had died long ago, they continue to appear in pop culture in various forms - including the Lucifer Movie.

Now Prithviraj has tweeted a statement which is certainly turning heads. In response to the fan's tweet, Raju has tweeted: "Died long ago? Are you sure?" He has also added an eye emoji to the tweet, incidentally symbolizing the touted illuminati symbol of a one-eyed pyramid!

For the unversed, the ILLUMINATI was actually a rumored group of 7-9 people who wanted to take over the world, but they were eventually wiped out according to reports. But, it is rumored that this information is not completely true and that the Illuminatis are still active as a secret organization, and their presence can be found in all tiers of the society, having expanded their followers over the years in all fields with the aim of taking over the world one day. Also, another claim about the Illuminati is that they do not intend to dominate like their forefathers, but want to create an environment of equality in all walks of life. Nothing factual about the ILLUMINATI is established anywhere.


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