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Prasanna responds to the criticisms - comparison with Sivakarthikeyan

Actor Prasanna responded to a criticism from one of his followers about his anchoring skills and his journey as an actor, when he was compared with Sivakarthikeyan.

There was also a meme that showcased a comparison between SK and Prasanna. One of his followers had expressed that he found SK to be a brilliant anchor. The tweet said, "Here is my take.@Siva_Kartikeyan was an brilliant anchor.Prasanna doesn’t have much skills in anchoring. In fact, it’s very boring to see @Prasanna_actor as a anchor.Prasanna is a mediocre actor & hasn’t had much success.Siva is one of the best entertainers in Tamil cinema"

However, Prasanna proved his maturity as a human being and as an actor through his reply to the criticism. He said, "Well dear srini,if am a boring anchor be it. Am not pursuing it as fulltime work. If am a mediocre actor I still have scope to improve,if I havnt had success thrs still time to win. It takes diff time 4 diff ppl. It will only take a sec to earn hate/luv. 1day I'll earn ur luv too"

Meanwhile, there was another follower who approached the meme in a positive manner with his tweet, "No point in making fun on @Prasanna_actor . Got to appreciate @Siva_Kartikeyan and @Prasanna_actor for their survival in what they love - Mass media . It’s all about survival of the fittest". Prasanna, in return, thanked the follower for his tweet.