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While the world is still fighting to come out of the deadly Corono Virus that is spreading like a wildfire and trending the preventive measures, looks like some of the Indians are busy in their own ways by trending a not-so-relevant topic at this hour.

Popular actor Milind Soman’s viral tweet on trending at 54

On Tuesday, popular model turned actor, Milind Soman had become an overnight sensation when an excerpt from his memoir, Made in India did heavy rounds on the social media. In it, he can be seen talking about his experience of training at a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) shakha as a young boy.

He also shared that his father “was a great believer in the benefits that would accrue to a young boy, in terms of disciplined living, physical fitness and right thinking, from being part of the junior cadres of the RSS.”

The yesteryear heartthrob further said that he is baffled when he gets to read 'all the subversive, communal propaganda' the media attributes to RSS shakhas. “My memories of what happened at our shakha between 6 and 7 p.m. each weekday evening are completely different - we marched about in our khaki shorts, did some yoga, worked out in a traditional outdoor gymnasium with no fancy equipment, sang songs and chanted Sanskrit verses that we did not understand the meanings of, played games and had a bunch of fun with our fellows.”

However, this seems to not have gone well with some of the netizens and soon the actor became a trending topic for his statements. Reacting to this, Milind took to his social media and tweeted, “Trending at 54 for an experience I had at the age of 10. Wish it was about swimming, which was at the same time!”


Book Review - Roopa!! I finished reading Made in India last night. I was sad the memoir lasted only some 230 pages. I didn't want it to end at all. It is unputdownable from the start, with all that edge-of-the-seat drama running(😉) parallel in the two stories. Such an inspiring story, written so, so beautifully, so deliciously, in your inimitable style. It's so quintessentially and wonderfully Roopa-esque! 😍😘 Your language is as savoury as the person you are writing about but then, isn't it always! I don't know why Milind Soman thinks he was always lucky because clearly, he has worked very hard and consistently, always upping the ante for others and for himself. This past week, all I thought about when I wasn't reading Made in India was that I should get back to yoga, running and swimming and maybe do the triathlon one day and be an inspiration to my son, as Aai was to Soman. It's his greatness and humility to say everything fell in place serendipitiously for him but we do know that creating great fortunes for ourselves is often in our own hands. Sure, he was born with good looks and great genes but that he made that his asset and didn't squander it away or take it for granted, is rare. I'm going to read this book again. For it's compelling style, it's beautiful language and the awe-inspiring Demi-God. Congratulations to both of you, once again!♥❤💜 . . Thank you for the review @sindhu.hande 🙂

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