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Petta Teaser Review

The official teaser of Superstar Rajinikanth's PETTA just dropped. As said by Karthik Subbaraj, it seems to be a film inspired from, performed by, and dedicated to Superstar Rajinikanth. Read ahead to know how the teaser has faired.

The teaser begins with the Petta theme backing up a silhoutte shot of Rajinikanth's iconic walk cast in a frame that is lit by gold. In the backdrop, we can spot a gang of men beating up another gang, while having flashlights in their hands.

The epitome of style then arrives in the next frame that has a board reading "Annanukku Jey", referring to his introduction song from Murattu Kaalai. He seems to be carrying a plate with food on it, and has a look on his face that is quite a signature, yet unexplainable!

This shot is then followed by the title card of Superstar Rajni - from the earlier days, that even Pa Ranjith capitalized on. But the best takeaway of this title card is the background score that supports it. It is the Annamalai background theme, but with a twist - Anirudh has recreated this in his very own style! Watch out for that one.

Then again, in a frame well lit and composed by cinematographer Thiru, Superstar Rajini's fun side is shown. He walks into a 'guard of honor' of sorts, formed by the students of a college, where we see the superstar making his entry into a freshers day party! He shakes a leg, and it intercuts to the flashback portions with Rajini having a handlebar mushtache, sporting a silk white shirt and veshti.

From the flashback frame, it seems as though Kaali is hosting his wedding lunch for a group of people, in a gym (that he probably owns?). We could assume it is a gym, as the wall at the back has a sketch of Bruce Lee, with a notice board filled with training charts and Nunchakus hanging beside. Tracking his walk from the back in the present day portions, and tracking his walk from the front in the flashback portions appear as intercuts. In both, an elated Rajini seems to rock the screen with Marana Mass's hook accompanying his vibrant presence!

As he walks into the golden abyss, the frame reads - Happy Birthday Thalaiva. Which is then followed by a shot that has a spray painted wall saying "We love you Thalaiva", that is shown to the man by a group of college students.

Finally, at the end of the teaser, we have the quintessential Thalaivar™ moment. He looks into the mirror and puts on his aviator shades in his style with the typical laugh that is loved.

Petta's teaser is filled with Rajini-ism, and there seems to be a lot more in store for all the fans! Stay tuned for more, as the trailer is coming soon.