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Pala Karuppiah talks about issues faced by Vijay's Sarkar

Politician turned actor Pala Karuppiah played a pivotal role in Vijay's Sarkar. During a recent press meet, he was asked about the controversies that Sarkar has been facing. Here is what he had to say about the whole issue:

"Why do we need a censor board when anyone can ask to cut scenes from a film after getting released? You cannot screen the film to every party, conduct a poll, get everyone's consent and then release a film, that's not possible. That is why we have a board called CBFC and that board has approved this film after a few cuts and mutes.

In fact, many of my dialogues have been cut while some have been muted. One of the dialogues that I spoke would have indirectly talked about Kalaignar Karunanidhi, even that was removed. Sun TV who produced the film is close to Kalaignar's family but they did not interfere in AR Murugadoss' creative freedom but the censor board did remove that dialogue about Kalaignar.

You cannot cut a dialogue from a movie after getting censor board's approval. You cannot remove each and every dialogue from the film, instead, you better ask them to stop the film from being played in theatre. Because the film talks completely about modern day politics. Is the modern-day politics functioning in a respectful manner? You are winning the elections by providing free products to the people. There is no department in Tamil Nadu that is not corrupted. Sarkar has been made to curb corruption in the system and it doesn't talk about one particular party.

Let's not talk about the remedies that he is trying to bring in to the society through the film. The solution he is giving in the film may or may not be logical but the idea behind making the film is to stop corruption."

When asked about Vijay's political career he said - "In my opinion, Vijay will definitely come to politics. Having got a chance to spend some solid time with him during the filming of Sarkar, I am very sure he will come to politics. He intends to good something good for the people who have been showering so much of love on him. But if he is going to come immediately or sometime later is the only thing I don't know. Everybody should come to politics, it will create a healthy environment. If I say a message, it reaches only to 500 to 1000 individuals but when someone as charismatic as Vijay says something then it reaches to lakhs and lakhs of people. Anybody who wishes to curb corruption in society can join politics."