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NSK Ramya answers if she will enter Bigg Boss again

Popular singer NSK Ramya engaged on a live Instagram chat with her followers, where she talked about her Bigg Boss experience. She also answered if she will be willing to get back into the house yet again, as a wildcard entrant.

"I do not know about entering the show again as a wild-card entrant. Seeing all these fights happen, I fear about going inside. I am scared to go inside the Bigg Boss house. I would want to go, but I am not sure. The show is definitely not scripted, and I can surely tell you that, but at the same time, the tasks will be designed and planned in such a way that it creates a difference of opinion among contestants, thereby leading to fights and arguments.

favourite contestant in the house is Rythvika. I've always liked her for her genuine nature and character. It is good to see her come out and do tasks with confidence.", said Ramya

When Ramya was asked if there was a partiality in Bigg Boss, she replied, "Yes, I do feel that there could be partiality in certain situations. Maybe the reason why they nominated me for eviction could be right, but they did not give me any warning, as like how they gave to other contestants. Probably, they thought it would be more interesting if other contestants were inside the house."