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Bigg Boss Season 3 has started in a grand way and is now being telecast. While it has already started creating much buzz, an unexpected turn of events is now seeming to draw similarities from its previous seasons.

Next love story in Bigg Boss season 3 after Aarav Oviya and mahat yashika

While the love story between Aarav and Oviya became the talk of the entire first season and the love episodes between Mahat and Yashika also made a lot of buzz over season 2, there is a new love story seeming to be sparking now in Season 3.

During the end of the second episode, a conversation between Abhirami and Shirin broke out in which she confessed about her crush and one side love towards another contestant Kevin.

The Nerkonda Parvai star said that she had even accepted a friend request from a fake account of Kavin. She had then understood that it was a fake account and that she talked to him over facebook on his original account earlier.

The Saravanan Meenakshi star Kavin was last seen in Natpuna Ennanu Theriyuma as a lead actor. This season of Bigg Boss has started its league quite earlier and we will have to wait for more interesting stories to unfold.