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Nayanthara's statement on Karunanidhi's demise

Following the demise of Kalaignar Karunanidhi, almost all leading film stars have been shared their condolence messages via press statements or through their social media pages.

Actress Nayanthara has now issued her statement which reads as follows:

"It’s been the darkest 24hours we have ever experienced ! Losing our sunshine, a phenomenal writer , orator , politician , the greatest leader and a face of our state!

He has been the voice of Tamilians , represented our state and has been the headlines for almost 75 years!

His achievements are unbelievable and we have always been in awe of his excellence and the way he has ruled the state for so many decades!

With utmost respect and grief I express my condolences to the family of the departed leader, the cadres of DMK, and all of us who are deeply saddened by this painful demise."

* Nayanthara's statement is not spell-checked