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The fourth phase of the lockdown has been extended till May 31 in Tamil Nadu and most part of the country to control the Corona virus community spread among the citizens. However, some relaxations on selected business sectors has been permitted.

Nag Ashwin tweet to serve beer in theaters trolled by Netizens

Despite the re-opening of liquor stores in the non-containment zones in the state, various restrictions have been imposed. As a part of this, Alchohol buyers are being offered tokens in 7 different colors, for making the sale of liquor, systematic. This is followed by a long queue of people waiting in line for their turn to make their purchase.

With respect to the Film Industry, the post-production work of films has been sanctioned from last week. The industry fraternity now has also requested permission to resume film shooting with strict safety norms. Among many professions, the theatres owners have also suffered badly since their business has been completely shut due to the lockdown.

In this stage, Keerthi Suresh's 'Mahanati' film director, Nag Aswin took to Twitter and posted a different idea. His tweet read "Once in a talk with suresh babu garu and rana, it came up what if theaters get license to serve beer/breezer/wine, like in other countries..could it increase footfalls...could it save the theater business (which does need saving)...wat do you think? Good idea, bad idea?''

In the same thread, he said, “It definitely affects the family audience. You can try it in some multiplex theaters. But this is not the solution. What do you think can be done to get people into theaters? He has also questioned this.  When the director asked these questions fellow netizens were quick to reply. They commented To serve beer/breezer/win in theatres in India isn't just a bad idea but the worst.

One of his followers replied, 'This is probably the most disgusting thing that I've heard.. Just imagine if any drunken person passed or start behaving abusively, then most of the audience will suffer. This can turn and lose family audiences especially!!Hope this could not happen. BTW I'm ur FAN''

One of his lady followers replied, ''Bad idea. Think of better ways to increase revenue and dont encourage alcohol in theatre. We know how Indian men behave with women after drunk in public places.''

Director Nag Ashwin's suggestion is getting mixed response from netizens, but the post has gone viral now.


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