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Nadigar Sangam has recently formed a special committee to safeguard and protect the public life, respect and esteem of artistes of the South Indian Artistes' Association. Recently, the members of the association conferred in order to make this happen.

Nadigar Sangam forms special committee to safeguard respect, esteem and public life of artistes

The members formed will be a special committee that aims to safeguard and protect the self-respect, self-esteem and public life evaluaton of artistes belonging to the association.

The committee was formed by members of SIAA which include Nadigarsangam EC members Poochi Murugan, Lalitha Kumari, Actress Suhasini, Rohini, Kitti, Treasurer Karthi and Lawyer Krishna Raveendran.

This committee is expected to take good measures to ensure that the dignity of artistes are safeguarded and do necessary action to keep the respect for them high among the public.