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Moondraam Ullaga Por hero Sunil talks about his film

Moondram Ulaga Por (MUP) directed by Sugan Karthi hits the screens this Friday the 22nd January. The film features Sunil and Akhila Kishore as the leads.


Hero Sunil chats with behindwoods


What is MUP all about? What is your role in the film?


I play an army officer called Saravanan in the film which is a futuristic subject that is set in 2025. In India, this is the first full length futuristic film. Earlier movies had a kind of time travel where they would pass through the time machine and get back to the present. But in MUP, the entire story happens in a future time frame. We have recorded the events in a very practical manner. There would not be any exaggerations or clichés in the form of robots in our film. We have discussed the kind of gadgets that would be used in 2025.


There are family portions in MUP. Akhila Kishore plays the role of my wife called Madhivadhanie. There will be feel good romantic segments also in the film.


Generally, in our films, we have always portrayed police or army as rough personnel. But as regards MUP, we have shown the other softer side of these people.   


What does the title MUP signify?


We have said that if there is a third world war, there would not be anyone alive to find out its result. This is the core and the film is a political drama. Our main idea is we should never have another war. We have shown war sequences in the film but there will be social message too.


Is your film based on Vairamuthu’s work of the same name?


There is absolutely no connect with that. This is entirely a work of fiction. 


Moondraam Ullaga Por hero Sunil talks about his film

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