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Mohan Raja 2 officially announces Thani Oruvan 2

On the 3rd year anniversary of Thani Oruvan, director Mohan Raja announces its sequel also starring Jayam Ravi in the lead. 

"Today is 28th August 2018, all of you know, it's the 3rd year anniversary of Thani Oruvan, it feels so good, you guys are only proliferating the respect and love for Thani Oruvan by each passing day. Thani Oruvan is a big blessing for me, thanks to you people for that. 

At this moment, I would like to thank my entire team who had worked in the film and also thank the people who showered so much of love towards the film.

Now, I would like to announce my next project, my brother (Jayam Ravi) is the hero, we two are doing Thani Oruvan 2. 

I promise we would work even hard than Thani Oruvan, we will try to make it a better product than that to satisfy all your expectations. So we need all your blessings, thank you."