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Mersal bonus track Maayon's full lyrics

Yesterday, lyricist Vivek had given a gist of what the audience could expect from the bonus track in Mersal. Now he has given away the full lyrics of Maayon track.

"Lyrics of d Short Song for d Magician in #Mersal as part of d BGM. Concept of Magic in Lyric Writing :) #Maayon

வலை இல்ல காத்தப் புடிச்சு வர
அடித் தளம் இரும்பில் பாக்காத உரசி
டையின் தடயம் உடைய உருக..
அழிக்க நெனச்சா, ரெண்டா வருவானே

உலக உயரங்கள் பேசும் இவண் பலத்த
பொழியும் சாதனை அதுக்கில்லை எல்லை
ரசிகர் கூட்டம் படச்சு கனவ
வெதப்பான் வழியக் காட்டி நடப்பான்"

The lyrics is very powerful fits well with Vijay's image."


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Vivek pens lyrics for a small song for magician Vijay in Mersal

Lyricist Vivek has, of course, impressed everyone with his lines for the songs of Mersal, which is currently ruling the playlist of every film buff and Vijay fans.

He has taken to Twitter now to inform that he has penned the lyrics for one more small song in Mersal, which will come in the magician portion. He tweeted, "I hav penned a Short Song as part of d background score for the Magician.Tried something unique. Have applied d concept of Magic in 2 lyrics. For all d love you showed me, ders a small dedication to you all in d lyrics. If i get my teams permission, wil release d lyric tomorrow".

Now, that is going to be an interesting element to watch out for, in the film. 

Mersal bonus track Maayon's full lyrics

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