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Marathi Filmmaker Atul B Tapkir commits suicide

Marathi film producer Atul B. Tapkir was found dead in a hotel on Sunday, May 14th 2017. Atul B Tapkir who was 35 years old had posted a suicide note in his Facebook page on Sunday early morning. The producer claimed that the loss incurred in his production film 'Dhol Taashe' as one of the reasons for this decision and also his domestic problem with his wife has given him mental intolerance which may be one of the influential reasons for his suicide.


Atul B Tapikr confessed about his wife Priyanka’s behaviour towards him in recent time in his suicide note. He said she had left him for last six months and also allegedly harassed him. The suicide note in his Facebook page also had few confession about his manic depression which he solely blamed his wife for and the loss incurred in his film 'Dhol Taashe'.


A police complaint has been lodged and the proceeding would depend on the outcome of post-mortem result. Post the result police would be able to spell more details on the mystery behind Atul’s death.