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Not everything that happens in Cinema takes place in reality but what if a film has talked about reality and created much awareness among people about real life problems! Will it become helpful? One of the recent sensational movies has done so.

Man thanks ARM, Vijay after casting Ballot vote by 49p

Today the polling for Lok Sabha Elections 2019 happened in Tamilnadu and some other parts of the country. Everyone including politicians, celebrities turned up to their polling booths to cast their vote today. One such common man from Tamilnadu who had gone to vote has found out someone has registered a duplicate vote instead of him.

Having found that, he had fought with officials from the election board and having known about casting a Ballot vote under section 49-P from watching the movie Sarkar, he had argued with the officials for a long time and then cast a ballot vote.


After voting, he had thanked director A.R.Murugadoss and actor Vijay for helping him know such information through their movie Sarkar, on his twitter page. Thus, this incident has proved what good impacts can movies cause among people by spreading knowledge.