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Sy. Gowtham Raj's directorial debut, Raatchasi, featured Jyothika playing the lead role while Poonima Bhagyaraj, Sathyan and others play supporting roles. The film dealt with the journey of a strict, disciplined teacher who wants to improve the conditions of her Government-run school.

Malaysia's Education minister Maszlee bin Malik praises Jyothika's Raatchasi

Recently, the film received lavish praise from the Education Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Maszlee bin Malik. In a recent Instagram post, he had expressed his admiration for the themes dealt by the film and the emphasis laid upon the importance of a community's involment in the matters of Education.

The English translation of the post read:

Two months ago this movie came out. Last night I watched it with the officials.

I will write an article to review this movie. For sure, this movie is a must-watch. The story is amazing. The character is perfect.

It feels different to watch this film as minister of education. Every scene from the film reflects with the situation in our country.

Geetha Rani is a very great chief superhero character. She proves to us that big changes are possible.

There are so many policies and changes that we are striving to achieve have been successfully described in this film.

For example, the psp initiative (free breakfast program). This movie translates my aspirations that are more than just food, but I would like to see the teachers sit and eat together with our children.

As well as the issue of student dropout. Geetha has successfully involved all parties to overcome the issue of student dropout, including the police. This is what we are working on. We want to make sure that 'enforcement' is happening all over the corner so that no more children have been dropped out.

That's not all. Geetha also met all the students' parents. Build a kind of Parent and Community Association (Pibk) to make sure these parents are active with their children's education.

Making education a collective vision of all parties is one among my greatest wishes. Because I believe that education should work as a local community's goal, even a plan that will improve the betterment of their lives.

All Educators, parents, students and anyone, I recommend watching this movie. Soon!"

Released on 5th July, Raatchasi was produced by S.R. Prabhu and S.R. Prakash Babu under the banner Dream Warrior Pictures. The film's music was composed by Sean Roldan while Gokul Benoy and Philomin Raj handled the cuts. Click below to view the link of the Instagram post: