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Magizh Thirumeni's film with Arun Vijay is titled as Thadam

Director Magizh Thirumeni is teaming up with Arun Vijay for the second time in a film that is titled as Thadam and the Thadayara Thaakka director opens up about the same.


“In chaste Tamil, Thadam means a print, a footprint or a hand print; leaving a print. There is no perfect crime and every crime comes to light like a set of dominoes or like a pack of cards with a clue. There is a basic essential clue which is incriminating. You find that one clue and the whole case tumbles down. The challenge for the investigative team is to identify THAT one basic clue. That’s the premise around which the whole story is woven. At a certain level, the film also explores the root of the crime as to what makes a person cross the boundary of morality.

There are three heroines in the film. One girl plays a very important role. Strictly speaking, she is not the heroine but hers is the central character. We are on the lookout and are open to new faces or established ones.  They should basically fit the requirement of the character. The characters are well-etched in Thadam and they will be remembered for the same for years to come.

We are planning to begin shooting next week and want to complete it in 60 days”.


Wish you the best Team Thadam!

Magizh Thirumeni's film with Arun Vijay is titled as Thadam

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