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Magalir Mattum Adi vaadi thimira song review

In this generation of music directors, Ghibran is someone who stands out in most of his compositions. He has gotten the tag of being a composer who composes complex and unique songs and with Adi Vaadi Thimiraa from Jyothika's Magalir Mattum, he just proves how true it is. Ghibran has rolled out an indistinctive rock song rendered by Gold Devaraj, who has an interesting tone.

It is a perfect Woman's Day treat from the team. The worth of the song lies in the fact that it does not travel on one single level but it has its ups and downs that make it intriguing as it goes forward.

The very well used Nadhaswaram steals the limelight as it sounds catchy and the drums and electric distortion guitars provide the perfect base for the song. Overall, an interestingly woven song with variable highs and lows which is a sure shot topper for our playlists!

Magalir Mattum Adi vaadi thimira song review

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