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Popular actor R Madhavan was greatly impressed by a viral video that showed immense responsibility of clearing their way for an ambulance to pass through a religious procession where thousands of people had gathered in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

Madhavan shares a viral TN religious video where the procession makes way for an ambulance

He shared the video on his social media and gave it a perfect caption - “India Shines”. Though this video amazed many that also included Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan, but it did not go pretty well with an LA citizen who wrote, “Lmao imagine thinking this was a good thing! The fact that we organizing celebrations without any consideration to civilian life is itself a sign that we aren't in 2019 but still stuck in 1959. Elites living most of their life abroad praising this? What a joke!” 

To this, Maddy gave a befitting reply – “Bro the goodness in this video and the greatness our are people cannot make sense to you in LA. No point in trying to explain to you either as is nothing positive or nice about any of your tweets you poor poor hurt soul. You are such a gooner...Get well soon bud.” Here’s the tweet -