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Nayanthara Chakravarthy will make her debut as the heroine of Gentleman 2, produced by KT Kunjumon.

Nayantharaa Chakravarthy in KT Kunjumon’s Gentleman 2

KT Kunjumon, the mega producer of 'Gentleman', is famous for producing great films and promoting them in the Tamil film industry. His films of the 90s -  Suriyan, Gentleman, Kaadhalan, Kadhal Desam and Ratchagan, were known for their grand production.

Teaming up with Shankar

Shankar marked his directorial debut with KT Kunjumon's Gentleman, which was a blockbuster. That film became the biggest super hit film. He then went on to produce Shankar's next film, Kaadhalan, at a high cost. 

KT Kunjumon launching Nayanthara chakravarthi in Gentleman 2

Attention Savior

KT Kunjumon produced the 1997 film Ratchagan, directed by debutant director Praveen Gandhi. The great fight scenes of this film and the way the songs were filmed are still talked about today. Similarly, the film Kadhal Desam, directed by Kadhir and produced by Kunjumon, was well received by the fans. Kunjumon started the film as a millionaire by introducing his son AB as the protagonist. But the film was dropped altogether.

KT Kunjumon launching Nayanthara chakravarthi in Gentleman 2

Kunjumon's Re-Entry

He has been away from the film industry for a long time and is now back in film production. He surprised everyone by announcing his re-entry a few months ago. He had announced that he is all set to start the second part of Gentleman soon. The director, cast and crew of the film are yet to be announced. Now, he has taken to announce the heroine of the film.

KT Kunjumon launching Nayanthara chakravarthi in Gentleman 2

New Nayantharaa

Currently, Nayantharaa Chakravarthy has been introduced as the heroine of Gentleman 2. Also, photos of the actress with Kunjumon have been posted on the internet. He also tweeted that another lead actress will be announced soon.

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Nayantharaa Chakravarthy in KT Kunjumon’s Gentleman 2

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