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Corona Virus has been declared as a global pandemic with the European continent identified as its epicentre. While Italy and Spain have gone in lockdown and the US banning all flights to and from the country, the Indian government is also taking various steps to ensure the safety of the citizens of the country.

Khushboo Sundar and Producer JSK against TV and film shoot at Tamil Nadu amidst Coronavirus

Any kind of mass gatherings are requested to be avoided, as the number of infections in India are standing along the lines of 107, recording a sharp rise over the last 24 hours. India has decided to suspend most visas for a month, and some states have announced shutdowns of schools, cinemas and public events. 

Talking about film and TV serial shoots, Khushbu Sundar has said that as all other important languages have stopped shoot, Tamil Industry should also follow suit. Depending on how TN handles coronavirus, Khusbhu mentioned that the time duration of the shoot halt will be determined. She has spoken to FEFSI, she says and that if any technician gets affected, there are 100's of people waiting to blame the entire industry for the virus spread. However, she said that until further announcement, all TV shoots will be stopped.

Producer JSK also released an audio statement, in which he said that other states have stalled their shoots except Tamil Nadu, and he also mentioned about Khushbu's voice note. He noted that many producers have expressed their difficulties in postponing or halting shoots, but he also suggested that actors must take up the task of their adjusting their dates and giving appropriate callsheets after this period of pandemic fear is over. He said that everything is possible, and that life is more important than work. "Hope everything becomes alright", he concluded!


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