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Sushil Kumar fate changed when he won the coveted 5 crore in Amitabh Bachchan's Kaun Banega Crorepati. But did it change for the better or the worse - Sushil himself reveals in a long emotional post about his life after the show.

KBC 5 crore winner Sushil Kumar about his bad fate after winning the show

Sushil Kumar wanted to become an IAS officer - but after becoming a local celebrity courtesy of the show, his studies took a backseat. "I was invited for events across Bihar frequently - it was because of this I couldn't concentrate on my studies. Also, I used to take the media very seriously back then. I used to do various businesses without experience, so that I can tell in the media that I am not jobless."

He also mentioned how his relationship with his wife was getting strained. "She often used to say that I cannot identify the right and wrong people and that  I don't worry about the future. After all these small small issues, we thought that we were not able to understand each other and we used to get into a lot of fights over this", he added.

Sushil also added how he got addicted to smoking and alcohol as the youth group with whom we would often socialize with would consume during their meetings. Chancing upon these media students also got Sushil Kumar interested in movies and direction.

He shared that he would spend his entire day watching films at home. He wrote that once he was watching Pyaasa when his wife entered the room and rebuked him for watching the same movie multiple times. She had asked him to leave the room, and it was when he received a call from a reporter during his walk.

“While I spoke to the reporter, I had told them how I had lost all my money and that my only way of survival is selling cows' milk. The news report spread like wildfire and no one called me for events thereafter,” he said.

After fights with wife leading to the edge of divorce, Sushil Kumar mentioned that he tried his luck next at becoming a director. Starting up with TV serial production, months later the IAS aspirant realized that that was not what he wanted. 

“After spending six months alone in the city, I realised I came to Mumbai not to become a filmmaker. I was rather running away from my problems. I realised that happiness comes when you follow your heart. I came back home and started preparing for a teaching course, which I also cracked. I am also involved in a lot of environmental work that brings me peace. I had alcohol last in 2016 and quit smoking last year also. Now I feel each day is like a celebration for me,” Sushil Kumar noted.

Signing off as ‘KBC 5 winner’, Sushil Kumar concluded the note by adding that it’s important to have little needs in life and work towards fulfilling it.

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KBC 5 crore winner Sushil Kumar about his bad fate after winning the show

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