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Karthick Naren lashes out at memes made against him

Dhuruvangal 16 director Karthick Naren has lashed back at a meme which was created against him for a tweet he made yesterday.

Karthick tweeted, ''#D16 success just proved that audience has really matured. Hence the screenplay of #Naragasooran will be more challenging and complex ;)''. Twitter and facebook reacted negatively for this tweet saying that he has gained head weight and a lot of ego after delivering a hit film. Memes were made against him for the same.

Soon after these happenings, Karthick deleted the tweet and shared one particular meme which was made and wrote, ''Yesterday I made this tweet & this is how the internet responds. From when did praising the audience become "head weight" .. "overa pesadha" .. "oru Padam pannitu ivlo scene ah?". I personally told in all the interviews that nothing is permanent in cinema & I am fully aware of that. Hope enjoying the hard earned temporary happiness is not a sin. Everything I speak is from a 22yr old kid who is yet to explore life. Im just worried about the fact that people are twisting every word into something they wish to hear. I just felt that I should address this instead of ignoring it & playing it cool. Im sorry if i offended anyone. PS: Deleted the tweet. Free speech is just a myth''.

**Karthick's tweet and social media post is not spell-checked

Karthick Naren lashes out at memes made against him

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