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Kannada actors Uday and Anil die in a risky stunt sequence

Two actors have gone missing in a lake after a stunt sequence for the Kannada film Masti Gudi. As part of the stunt, Duniya Vijay, Anil and Uday jumped into the lake from a helicopter. While Vijay swam back to the shore, the other two couldn’t surface back.

A search operation is on to find the duo but the police have said that the chances of recovering them are slim. It is also not known whether all the three actors had safety harnesses. A few channels covering the stunt claim that only Duniya Vijay had proper safety provision.

It was said that there were no ambulances or safety speed boats. The location of this incident is Tippagondanahalli Lake on Magadi road, 35 kilometers west of Bengaluru. Reports claim that the actors are dead and the incident has taken place at around 3 pm on Monday, the 7th of November.

This seems to be really sad news for the Kannada actors. Some accidents during film shoots in the past include actor Jayan who died on the sets of “Kolilakkam” in 1980 .The injury Amitabh Bachchan faced during the shoot of “Coolie” is another infamous incident.

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Kannada actors Uday and Anil die in a risky stunt sequence

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