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Dulquer Salmaan starrer Kammatipadam Trailer review

Dulquer Salmaan’s Kammatipadam’s trailer gives us a fair idea of how engrossing the movie will turn out to be.

The trailer starts a with a sly joke on a murder aided by a sequence showing a knife piercing a tree. Establishing a black tone, the trailer then introduces us to Ganga, who is every bit the local gangster we are all familiar with. Breezing through the romance portions with ease, the trailer thus shows the everyday ingredient of the common youth: humour, friendship and romance. Then it explodes. The trailer then gives us a glimpse of what looks like a roller coaster ride. Moving at a relentless pace, the trailer then follows what happens when a crime punctures the life of this common man. A wild goose is triggered and the trailer ends with Dulquer in a prison outfit.


The portions with Shaun Romy are underplayed and from the look of it Shaun Romy plays a role which is sketched for filling the romance potions . Although the trailer seemingly belongs to Dulqueer, who dons a variety of avatars, it is Vinaykan who is impressive as the local gangster. The visuals paint a toned picture of the locales and add a fine texture to the gritty flavour of the trailer. But the biggest strength of the trailer is its music. The BGM is mesmerizingly trippy and scores heavy. A BGM that is nothing less than haunting, builds the intensity of the trailer big time.


On the whole the trailer stands out as a promising one, which raises our expectations without revealing too much of the plot and punching through with an exemplary BGM, that triumphs as a big plus.The movie is slated for a release on May 20,2016.

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Dulquer Salmaan starrer Kammatipadam Trailer review

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