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K Bhagyaraj resigns as president of Writers association

This past week was a tough one for the Sarkar team and for K Bhagyaraj, the president of the South Indian Film Writers Association. Following the controversy involving story similarities, Bhagyaraj had brought to light the issue.

He had given out a statement in which he confirmed that Varun Rajendran's story and the story of Sarkar is the same. After which, he even came on record and revealed the complete story of Sarkar, for which he was highly criticized. 

The issue, however, was later solved. But now, in a shocking turn of events, Bhagyaraj has resigned from the post of President. Here's his complete statement:

"To all the members of the South Indian Film Writers Association,

With your support, I was chosen as the president of the Writers 
Association without a formal election. I gladly accepted the honor and pledged to work with conviction and honesty. Now, the union faced the Sarkar controversy. We all worked to our best capabilities with regards to this issue. 

While working on this issue, I was put into many uncomfortable circumstances. I feel that the reason for this is not standing in an election, but being unanimously chosen as the president. In the future, I will contest in the election as a candidate, win and work to the best of my abilities. 

Considering the Associations well-being, I don't want to disclose the details of my uncomfortable circumstances. I spoke to Murugadoss personally, but he was keen on moving to court and facing the issue legally. So, without a choice, I was pushed into a situation where I had to reveal the story of Sarkar, which is produced by a premiere production company like Sun Pictures. 

However, I realize that I have committed a mistake by revealing the story. And I wholeheartedly express my apologies for the same. 

I hereby resign from the post of President of the South Indian Writers