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Julie's Anitha MBBS movie producer clarifies about controversy

We had earlier reported that Bigg Boss fame Julie is working on a film with a director called Ajay Kumar, that is titled Anitha MBBS. The film is based on the life of late Anitha, who committed suicide after failing to clear the NEET Exam. She had the dream of becoming a doctor, and performed extremely well in her 12th Board Exams, but couldn't clear the final hurdle, which ended as a disaster. 

Her death was an eye-opener for many people in the society about how an exam like NEET can affect the underprivileged. Shortly after the film was announced, there were rumours floating on social media that the producer and director didn't treat Anitha's family well.

Speaking about this, the producer of the film, Rajaganapathy clarified that he is still in good terms with the family, but has parted ways with the director. "Shortly after Anitha's death, we didn't want anyone to take this extreme step. So, a person named Ajay Kumar and I decided to collaborate and do a film on this. We discussed and came up with the film, Anitha.S. MBBS.

The film is registered under my production banner. I had a few conditions for making the film.

No matter how much we've developed the story of the film, I wanted the consent of Anitha's family either oral or in writing. Not just their consent but also their blessings. Here is where the director and I started having a difference in opinion. 

The director said this is a film on a general issue in the society, and anyone can make a film out of this. I didn't find it correct. At that time, I spoke to Mani Ratnam, Anitha's brother. I discussed with him and he didn't give us the permission. I conveyed this to the director, and he still proceeded with making the film. 

He also spoke ill of Anitha's family on a conference call, which enraged me. Then I decided to part ways with the director. I'm still talking with the uncle and brother of Anitha to get permission. I hope for the best. But the director did the pooja and started working on the film without inviting me. "

Speaking about the rumours on clashes with Anitha's family, he said: "Anitha's family is a very good one. I'm in good terms with them. In fact, Anitha's brother invited me to the 1st year death anniversary of Anitha. He wanted me to come as a brother, and not as a filmmaker."

"I want this film to do well. I'll recruit a good director, good writer, a top notch music directors and technicians, and make sure that this film gets awards at film festivals before a theatrical release. The film should get a global reach, and they should know the story of Anitha," said Rajaganapathy about his expectations on the film.