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Vanitha Vijayakumar who is an actor, producer and director got married to Peter Paul at her residence on June 27, amidst the presence of close family members and friends, adhering to the lockdown rules imposed by the Government.

Jovika turns emotional after Bigg Boss Vanitha and Peter Paul’s wedding

Earlier, speaking of her marriage, Vanitha had said, “I told him my children need to approve. And when he spoke to them, they screamed yes. Tears welled my eyes when my daughters said this was the best thing that has happen to me and they want him in their lives as well."

Now, after the wedding, Vanitha’s daughter Jovika had taken to her photo-sharing app and has shared a few inspiring and emotional note on the actress’ wedding. She wrote, “I'm happy for you and proud of you!! And I'm extremely happy and in awe of welcoming Papa into our little group of joy, adventure, excitement and truthfulness that we call family!! It finally feels complete and I never knew we were missing a piece to our puzzle... thank you for finding it from the hidden corner of amazing!!”

She further added, “And I really hope that one day I will have friends like yours!! I have known and loved them for 10 years and truly from the bottom of my heart let me tell you they are our family so whenever anyone asks me "tell me about your family" they're names will be the one's after yours!! Many people may say many things but remember! It's OUR life and were gonna live it OUR way!! Love is contagious and OUR world is filled it! Let's be infected by it and never be sick of it!! Here's to more joy and happiness!” This post was shared by mommy, Vanitha on her Insta page.


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Jovika turns emotional after Bigg Boss Vanitha and Peter Paul’s wedding

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