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Parthiban's acting and directing in 'Iravin Nizhal', which is being made in a single shot.

Iravin nizhal movie making interesting facts

'Iravin Nizhal' is a one-shot film directed by actor Parthiban, who is constantly making different efforts. The film is composed by AR Rahman. Fans have been eager to see this film since the announcement of this film. This is an I Linear film that is different from the single shot films. The world's first single shot I made into a linear film. The music release of the film took place recently in Chennai.

Iravin nizhal movie making interesting facts

In this case, the film crew's challenge to make this film in a single shot and interesting information about how the film was shot has now been released.

Since it is a nonlinear story, the set is set in 50 halls on 64 acres to suit stories that take place in different places in the same place. In the same way, the weather was changed to sun and rain in each arena.

Children, as well as adults, and animals are played. Special attention was paid to their scenes during the rehearsal. Coordinated decision making is a key feature of this non-linear single shot film. For example, in one scene, the cashier's machine did not work, so he immediately thought and set the scene to a different model.

Iravin nizhal movie making interesting facts

Even the camera used in the film was not immediately decided. The Gimble Camera has been used to understand the difficulties involved in using a traditional camera. It is very difficult to shift the focus to a three minute scene. But the shadow crew of the night shifted the focus to 100 minutes & 19 seconds taken in narrow alleys and corners.

The set structure plays an important role in reflecting the 60 year life of a character. These sets were created to perfectly match each period. The rehearsal was watched for everything, including how each scene should look. The scenery was created as per the rehearsal.

Iravin nizhal movie making interesting facts

\The biggest strength of the film is that Oscar winner AR Rahman has composed the music for the film. He has composed all the three songs featured in the film in a single chorus. Oscar winner Cotalanco Leon has done VFX work. Has supervised the Oscar-winning Craig Mann sound system.

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Iravin nizhal movie making interesting facts

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