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International Yoga Day is celebrated today, the 21st June

Today is the International Yoga Day and all over the globe, practitioners of this health discipline are celebrating this day. Yoga gives an individual a better physical and mental health and has its origins in our country.


When it comes to the film industry, the first name that comes into our mind who practices Yoga religiously is Anushka who was a Yoga teacher before she set foot in the tinseltown. Even now, Anushka continues to teach Yoga to her friends in the industry.

Yoga is said to have a calming effect on an individual and the regular practice of the same is proved to yield positive results in one’s physical and mental health. Perhaps that’s the reason people find Anushka beautiful inside out.


On this important day, we wish that all our readers take to some form of exercise routine to have a healthy and peaceful life!

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International Yoga Day is celebrated today, the 21st June

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