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Hulk actor reveals plot and title of Avengers 4

Actor Mark Ruffalo, who appears as Hulk in the popular film series Avengers, is scheduled to appear in a popular TV show in the US. The episode that is set to be aired on Saturday, however is running into controversy as the actor revealed a major spoiler about the next avengers film.

Mark was in the show to talk about the upcoming US elections, but he ended up revealing the title of the next film, and also explained a major scene from the film. Following this, he asked the show host to edit the scene out, but it was too late. 

The specific portion was bleeped out in the final edit, however, this didn't prevent Mark running into trouble. This was not the first time he has revealed a spoiler about a film. Even during Avengers: Infinity War, he had revealed the climax. The producers at Marvel, have tweeted that Mark has been fired. 

However all this seems to be a prank by the Hulk actor since he is infamous for letting out spoilers. An official clarification is expected, but this looks like one of the greatest pranks ever pulled by the actor.