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SINGAM VS SAAMY - நீதியின் விடியல்

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How different is Singam compared to Saamy

Tamil film industry is a little nascent when it comes to the concept of sequels. Of late, the trend is changing and we have been getting some good movie franchises. Director Hari who tasted success with the sequel of Singam must be hoping to repeat it with its 3rd edition.Meanwhile, he has announced he would be making the sequel of Saamy now. But for one director to be making two cop franchise is something exciting.

It also leads us to the question of how different is AaruSAAMY from  DuraiSINGAM?  How had Hari treated Saamy and Singam?

Both the cops are honest, that is something that goes without saying in mass commercial films. But Aarusaamy’s treatment does vary from Durai Singam’s to an extent. Saamy claims himself as ‘porriki’ rather than a police. He doesn’t mind playing the dirty cop once in a while to do good deeds to the people whereas Durai Singam is an outright honest cop who does not fear transfers.

DCP Aarusaamy has been transferred quite a number of times for being honest and has been accused of bribery. But in the case of Durai Singam, his actions have always given him rewards with occasional grade promotions.

In Hollywood, there is an ongoing trend where a maker brings two of their characters from different movie franchise together in one film like Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice which dubbed in Tamil as நீதியின் விடியல், Avengers and Civil War. Similarly Hari might have a chance to bring Suriya and Vikram together for a film in the future. How would that be?

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How different is Singam compared to Saamy

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