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G.V.Prakash shares he is scared of A.R.Rahman

G.V.Prakash's upcoming musical drama, Sarvam Thaala Mayam marks the directorial return of Rajiv Menon after 18 years. The film, which has music by A.R.Rahman, is scheduled to hit the screens on December 28.

Meanwhile, in a recent Facebook live chat, during the single track release of Sarvam Thaala Mayam, A.R.Rahman shared on a lighter note that he had scolded G.V.Prakash once during one of their recordings.

When G.V.Prakash was asked, how it was to act and perform in A.R.Rahman's music, he replied, "I am always scared about Rahman sir and I get tensed whenever I see him. When I was assisting him on musical sessions, whenever I used to go for recordings, I will be scared to face him. It will be like writing an exam. While acting, I know he wouldn't be there around and it was different in that way, but, still I will be little tensed and scared."

A.R.Rahman made the session very candid and light hearted with his reply, when he said, "I have shouted at you only once. He (GV) is just acting. It shows that he is a very good actor. (Oru dhadava dhan kathirukken naan. Summa act panraan. Nalla actor nu theriudhu)"