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The recent arrest of Thirunavukarasu, the leader of a molestation racket from Pollachi spiked attention and created rage among people. Coimbatore Police recently arrested the mastermind Thirunavukarasu along with Satish, Sabarirajan and Vasanthakumar, the induviduals who were involved in the sexual harassment of countless women.

G.V.Prakash expresses his anger towards Pollachi rapists on Twitter

They have threatened a lot of women, abducted them and raped them but women were not willing to come forward to complain due to the fear of risking their anonymity. Police have even recovered videos of them harassing women.

Recently, the gang has sexually harassed a 19 year teen girl in a car, recorded the video and blackmailed her. When she refused, they have snatched one sovereigns of gold chain from her. The police have arrested these men based on her complaint against them on the grounds of sexual harassment.

G.V.Prakash has now took to twitter to share the photographs of these men, condemned and expressed his anger towards them. He has even told that it is dangerous to let such people walk amongst us in the society.